I was born with the misfortune of being born male in this life. And even though I would have chosen to be the opposite sex, I learned to accept being a male. Even though I accepted my reality, a large part of me really stillwants to be female.
Today I'm your average college senior doing everything possible to graduate and hopes to build a successful career. And like I said before I accepted my reality in being born male but the desire to be female has never gone away. From an early age, I'd sneak into my sisters drawers and wear her clothes in private. I would wear her everything, from panties skirts, blouses bras, shoes etc. At that young age (under 10) I'd find myself hiding my penis by pushing it back and creating that smooth female look when in panties. Well for those early years I found it a thrill to be in girls clothing, maybe mostly for the reason that I wasn't supposed to. Around age 12 I believe I hit puberty and let the male hormones run through my body, so the crossdressing seemed to die off,but it never really went again. Watching **** as a teenager was fascinating, as watching a naked girl was a huge deal. And late into my teens while watching ****, I wanted to be the girls in the videos. Suddenly my crossdressing desire was more alive than ever. And now it wasn't just clothes, I wanted makeup, nails, hair, shoes, purses, a booty, soft skin, breasts, and even a vagina. Like I really really wanted to be a woman. The girl in me was really wanted out at that point, but I kept her in and continued as a man. One ot the reasons i kept her in, was because of my family, and my school. It would be hard to deal with a transition at this stage in my life
Right now I'm at a stage where I want to finish school first. And I don't know if I'll ever transition, but being a woman is something I really want. I'd like to spend sometime as a woman and learn from such experiences and see if im ready to be one or if its that really is not for me, im hoping its for the first reason. I also find myself attracted only to women, but now I find them attractive and at the same time want to be them. Men are also a big no no for me. But the thought of being 100% female makes me want to try a man and submit to his desires. It's strange because as a man I'll never ever try another man.
Once again I don't know if I'll ever become a woman, but it is something I wish I really was. All i can do right now is tap my heals and say, "I wish I was a woman. I wish I was a woman, I wish I was a woman."
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Like so many of us, if you were a bio woman, you'd be a lesbian. There are women out there who dig this, but you have to be careful to find one who still respects you for the person you are, and not take you in because she thinks you're a hardship or nutjob case. Retain your dignity throughout this search of yours. Don't let your uniqueness cause your dignity to erode, don't accept a substitute for what you seek in a partner, don't be taken advantage of, and treat people the way you'd like to be treated, and you will find just the right person. Press on :)

I can relate to what you are experiencing. Both mental and physically.
As passionate as you seem to be, I almost bet you delve into the transitioning phase of your life.
If you do, please it the correct way. Start with a good therapist, and they will set the path for you. Best wishes!!

Your desire is so strong that I hope with all my heart. a very pretty story.

I can relate.