It Is Easier Than Being Fat

when I was very young I was told I'm fat when I wasn't overweight then I didn't know much about dieting
I believed I'm fat so I tried to diet by eating nothing
& when I can't take it because I wasn't eating any ,I was hungry & crave everything you can imagine & can't imagine so I binge
then I feel guilty & start dieting again ..I've been through this circle till I gained lots of weight & became from normal weight to obese :(
now after more than 10 years I become educated about dieting & all but still can't beat my binging habits
I know I don't eat because the food taste good ..some times I don't really care how it taste I just want to eat I don't know why
I know there is something wrong with me mentally
I just wish it was anorexia at least I wouldn't be fat & sad
maybe just sad
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Dec 28, 2011