Wishful Thinking...

I want to loose weight!
I used to be thin and i took it for granted but now im fat and im dying to be thin again.
I dont know how though. I've tried the healthy way and the unhealthy way and nothing is working.
I need tips and motivation. I get so upset about being fat that i go and eat and its killing me.
Anyone, please help!
SanityFix SanityFix
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2 Responses Apr 13, 2012

Numbers on the scale mean little, unless it reads over 400 lbs! When I say they mean little, I mean that if you are a healthy weight, eating healthy food and exercising, then you are the weight you are supposed to be. Now, there are those that delude themselves on how much they are eating or on how healthy they are eating. That's another issue all together. Let's take the focus off of how one sees themselves. The world wants us to look at ourselves and feel inadequate. The world want us to think, it's all about ME! But it isn't and it should not be. It's all about God. He created you and He loves you in a way nobody else can. He said it's not all about you, me, or the lady down the street. It's about loving Him because He first loved us! If we could just get the focus to where it should be, we would all be ever so much better off. When the focus of our lives truly is where it is supposed to be, on Him, then we do the things He would have us do. When we do the things He would have us do, then we are eating the way He would have us eat: healthy portions of God created food. Side note: God did NOT create twinkies!! The very first book of the bible tells us the foods He provided. Even after the fall, when meat was added. And when He tells us about portions, think about it: Gluttony is nearly always lined up with Drunkenness!

u is very butiful dont need to loos any weight i love this size from the pody

You dont even know what i weigh!