That Scale Is Off 46 Pounds

Im 15 and i used to be at a healthy 109 consistant weight. then i started just eating my feelings away. My mother who hates me has never failed to point out when i got a little bigger around my face and most of my clothes were to tight for me to fit in. Have u ever seen a girl 300 pounds with a bunch of friends and is never made fun of? In my school most girls are stick thin and my best friend is one of those girls, im fat. i jiggle when i run and im made fun of for it. im never gunna eat food again, i cant take being made fun of.
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dont wish that hun i cant really say a lot as i dont weigh a lot but you should never whish for somthing so unhealthy i was losing weight when i had my baby and it wasnt good i have been classed as anorexic i have allways thought of myself as fat even when i went up 3 sizes at the end of my pregnancy i hated it but now i fell a healthy weight and i have gotten over my problems with food as i know that as i am having another child i need to be healthy for them not super skinny love who you are dont listen to haters and enjoy life

Aw sweety, im 15 sucks and people are horrible. i used to be anorexic....its hard...your life begins to fall apart. although saying I'm not anorexic now is a lie...however; I've lost 15 pounds in 1 week...i just drink lots of water, when I'm hungry i drink water, i chew mint gum to take away my hunger, and i eat small portions 6 times a day..hope this helps