How Dare You

To all you wannarexics out there, how dare you wish you were anorexic. Do you hate yourself and your body that much that you would give up on life to instead sit in your room, alone, measuring your bones and staring your ghost face down in the mirror? Anorexia is a cursed life. It is not something you want. If you find that you lack the kind of self-control that allows you to not have that extra cookie when you are at a friends house, consider yourself lucky. That level of self-control is unhealthy, and generally characterizes a whole host of mental illnesses--eating disorders, OCD, depression, just to name a few. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lost weight, but sacrificing your life to anorexia will be the worst mistake that you ever make. I sincerely hope that you find some other outlet to drop pounds while still eating a healthy, balanced diet. Perhaps see a nutritionist, or an athletic trainer--
You know what, better yet, ask your doctor if you're actually overweight. because you probably arent. he or she will remind you that as long as you are within a healthy range you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
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It's been months since I read this story, and I still think this person is a judgmental a**hole.

You just don't understand us at all.walk in our shoes before you judge us,and no I'm not giving up on life it's just we all want to be skinny and beautiful.and so what if we sit in our rooms alone looking at our bones or into the mirrors everyday.its how we choose to live out life

yes, i do hate myself that much. yes, i do have the self control to not eat that extra cookies. in fact, i eat no cookies at all. so not how dare me. how dare you for shaming someone who is already down.

You are judgmental.

There is no normal.

Obviously anorexia is the only eating disorder there is. The only way to suffer is anorexia. You REALLY have anorexia and so you REALLY are the only one suffering in your body? Poor you... None of us are suffering day in and day out. We are not lonely and measuring ourselves. We are just happy and wish we could be unhappy. We never think about food, or our bodies. We never have the kind of self control to avoid a cookie.

How dare you?

Oh and you're right I'm sure my 35 BMI isn't overweight at all. I bet most people who are 5'5" weigh close to 220lbs. Yep totally normal.

When you get a little older you'll realize your view of the world isn't the only one. Don't point your bony finger at all of us telling us how bad we are. We're busy looking in the mirror, counting our fat rolls, uncomfortable in absolutely every situation. I never stop thinking about my weight. I've been through more than you. I've had three kids pop out of me and I'm so grateful that I wasn't anorexic at your age, but at MY age I'd give anything to be able to skip a couple of meals and have my obsession mean something. I'd love to look good! I've never worn a bikini.

Something else you can't possibly comprehend is being married and body image problems that go with certain advantages of that situation.... And never being able to be fully involved because I am so busy worrying about my fat rolls and my thighs touching, or his thighs touching mine, or my arm rolls.

Until you've lived life, don't condemn the feelings of others. You're statements are self-centered and un-empathetic. Join a support group for your own issues, don't go into ours and cause problems.

It's bad to have the self-control to NOT take an extra cookie? Isn't that the same excuse people who ARE overweight use to be unhealthy?

If you don't want to be skinny, fine. Don't be. But some of us do and **** you for shaming us. FYI, being overweight isn't healthy.

I actually find the people that want to be anorexic insulting. I REALLY suffer with anorexia. It's not a choice, Its a mental disease. They don't know what it really is. You can't chose to have anorexia. Anorexia is a terrible thing to want.

So is fatness

The fact that you got onto our group and tell us how we are insulting you by supporting each other is insulting! Grow up!

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