I Wish I Was A Better Anorexic

ive always hated the way i looked even in like kindergarden i just saw myself as the fat kid or the wierd one with the curly hair but my sophmore year of HS i had enough and i figure i'd just stop eating and ever sense then anas become my drug almost. it keeps me from cutting. when i binge a feel horrible and all i can think about is cutting. i went from ana to mia to both but now im more of a binge eater i got down to my lowest weight (100 lbs) and just started eating loads again and now i have whole days where i stuff myself but i just cant stop eating. i wanna be in control again. i wanna be thin again.


does anyone wanna be buddies or something? i need someone who will ***** at me for eating and call me a fatass i need that harsh criticism because i know i shouldnt be eating as much as i do. its discusting. i wanna be thin again

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I'm having trouble believing you're over 18 and writing about omg u guyz anas my drug!!!!1! Why do you define yourself with negative or pathological habits and practices than your interests and talents?

thanks Tordor, i actually though of that list the other day when i wanted to binge. it totally helped!!!<br />
<br />
and fleececheck it hought i was like the only one im glad to know im not alone!

Anorexia, cutting and drug use are all less healthy for you than a few extra pounds. When you want to binge eat, remind yourself that you have a choice.<br />
<br />
You can either eat what you want when you want or you can:<br />
<br />
1. Wear what you want<br />
2. Look the way you'd like<br />
3. Move the way you want<br />
4. Have others see you the way you'd like<br />
5. Reduce your grocery bill<br />
6. Live longer<br />
7. Live healthier<br />
<br />
Print the list and look at it when you're tempted to binge eat.<br />
<br />
More importantly, you may want to go see a counselor and work to become more comfortable with yourself. Solve the underlying emotional issues, and you may find the physical ones resolve themselves.

me too!!!