*weak Smile*

I could be imploding and I guarantee you'd never know it. Its because I don't want to burden other people with problems that are strictly my own. I'll joke with you, and laugh with you. I'll still be fun. I'll still listen to your troubles.

Tear me down word by word, break my heart. I guarantee all you'll see is indifference.

Then I'll go home, shut myself away from the world and remove the lie. The facade. I'll be weak because its okay to be weak in my own space. I'll curl up with a pillow and cry until it soaks through the case.

...but this I promise you...

....you will only ever see me as strong.

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Hey Lastleafoffall, Sending you a big hug and hope that one day you find one or two people you trust enough to share your true self with because our vulnerabilities and sensitivities can also be strengths as well.

That is okay. I was always taught...Fake it till you make it! Hugs, LW