I am not  a healthy person, but when I became Ill I had to be strong for my kids,

I convinsed my self that I am super woman, in order to be the leader of the family

I think God was on our side.

The family is grown up and living successful lives Thank goodness.

I have to admit I am not A strong person, but I had to be strong anyway....

Bluebird777 Bluebird777
70+, F
5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Thanks, everyone,<br />
For the feedback.

this makes me smile. you had to do this for your family and i admire you.

I agree - you really made me smile with this. <br />
There is a saying in AA - 'fake it till you make it' . You can do it. Allow your friends to love you ..until you are stong enough to love yourself.

Thank you, So much,<br />
I am smiling tooo:)

You make me smile. You are strong. Maybe you "pretended” to be strong in the beginning but you grew to fill the role you chose for your self. The challenge just brought it out…DD