Someone Said This To Me One Day

A friend of mines little sister said "I wish I was as pretty as u" ... And it made me think...

Is this what the world is teaching our children? Think about it... When we were kids we DEFINATELY would see the madonnas and beyonce's on TV an think .. If I had a body like her, or the money like that, ... But we fail to realize that everyone has problems, and not everyone is not at peace with themselves no matter how beautiful they could be. So to wish u were as prettier or sexier or as smart as the person who is not you is terrible!

Everyone who has a kind heart is beautiful. No matter what race religion, etc... The respect u show others, the kind acts u make, are all part of your character which makes YOU different, which makes u sooooo beautiful. Don't ever wish to be someone else, u never know what another person is going through. Just try to make YOUR situation better.

BorderlineMind BorderlineMind
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012