I Wish I Was Beautiful By Sharmaine<3

when i was 7 i moved to my natrual hometown my mother always called me beautiful and i new deep down i wasnt i used to go to school and see girls i was jelous of espcailly this girl named loren she moved from london to my primary school and all the boys were talking about how gawgess and how shes the most prestiest girl she was in the school year i was heart broken and then i started to experiment on myself i dyed my hair and started to wear make up and tried to be like her when i reached high school i found out she was there and she was the most popular girl in the school and hang out with all the popular girls and popular boys i tried to be something i wasnt. Loren was not perfect tho she smoked, drunk, done drugs within school and out of the school premissises and was naughty and mouthy and bunked lessons and bullied people. i always got picked on by her mates becuase i looked werid or was not good soo i strated to hang out with the rong crowed i went home that day and looked in the mirror and new that i was not beautiful i cut all my hair and ruined myself because i know even now im not beautiful my mother says she wished she looked like me and my mum quoted to me " even now that if you dont love yourself no one else will" i hate the way i look and am i my one wish is look pretty! loren was that naughty she got kciked out of my high school and she now goes to her new school she catches the bus right outside my house and i feel like i wanna cry or hide myself becuase she is stunning and i know i will never be as pretty as her i always sit and think to myself what have i done rong in my life for someone soo rude and horrible to get al the attentioon and looks but i sat and relaised every girl is beautiful and i hope one day someone will think i was that and i never no i will be.
sharmaine1999 sharmaine1999
13-15, F
Nov 28, 2012