Sounds Typical I Guess

I just wish I was. I hate that i feel so negative about myself and that i sound like so many others. i guess im just tired of being the unnatractive one.. or bland or whaever i am. I don't even know what beautiful is.

I don't know who i want to be beautiful for either. I know its not everything but if i was then i would at least have something

Tacit Tacit
22-25, F
9 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Tacit: You are actually VERY pretty, I think.

Wow! You guys are wise! :P hahaha! your advices are so should work with Dr.Phil ^-^ LOL! No really I admire you so much :)

Thank you guys. I don't know. I think I feel like a mess both on the inside and out. There are occasions when i feel good about myself but that is usually brought to an end because others around me overwhelm me with negative feelings. <br />
<br />
As far as the inner beauty goes.. I worry that i have nothing positive to offer and nothing to be desired. I feel strange and sometimes like a bad person. Its probably just super low self esteem.<br />
Its very sweet of you all. I just usually hear different from people close to me. ie "you would be beautiful if you ..." <br />
<br />
i don't know

Beauty is only skin deep!...You are as beautiful as you feel!

that's the difference between men and women, all we care about is for you to be on time. Show up and who care what you look like unless its to something fancy. We do not remember what you wore 2 years ago, and what earrings you had on the weekend before. We are not that shallow. You get messy, we think its cute.

Tacit, Are you kidding me. I just look at your pictures you have, You look Beautiful to me. But true Beauty comes from within a person. I don't think you need to be so worried about your looks

Boo hoo. Why would anyone want physical beauty when it's worth nothing of true value. I have this turtle rat thing going with my face and I'm fat and toh up left and right and I don't care. I am glad to have my health and to just be alive. I see children with severe handicaps and missing limbs. I see adults on crutches and in wheel chairs and children too and I appreciate being how I am and what I am. The physically ugliest person in the world could be the most beautiful person ever born. That is my foundation of accepting myself and others who don't live their lives for the camera so to speak.

I hope it's not because society says you should or need to be.

i hate being the plain one out of all my friends. :/

asdfok: You really see yourself as plain? Wow. It's interesting how our perception of ourselves can be so very different than the way others view us. According to what I see, you have beautiful features, big gorgeous eyes, and such perfect skin. You ARE beautiful..VERY!