My Wish For A Genie

If I was to be givin a wish from a genie, and it could be anything, I would wish that I was born a white female with brown wavy hair, blue eyes, end up being about 5'6", with 36C breasts, a size 4 waist and everything else being proportionate to that. Now that being said, I've put some thought into that. I've actually been wishing this for a long time. It's my dream just about every night I go to sleep. I'm not sure where it stems from to be terribly honest because I do love being a guy too. I guess it's partly from my love of the female body. It's so sexual, and I don't mean that in a dirty or sinful way. It's eloquent, smooth. The other parts, I'm not completely sure about. But I know I'm not gay, I have no desire to be with guys. In fact, I would more than likely be a lesbian, or at least bisexual if I did get my wish. But I want to be loved upon. Be taken care of, but also be able to take care of myself. I know that this wish will never come true, or at least not the way I would want it to anyways. But my hope is that someday, when my girlfriend and I get married and have kids, that I have a daughter that somewhat resembles what I described, who loves what I love, so I can live out my dreams through her.
proudbro9188 proudbro9188
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012