1st Time Living As A Woman

I started living fulltime as a woman from Jan 2001, I was abandoned by my friends, if you want to test friends loyalty have a gender change,I started going to a Gender support group couple times a week, thats where I met Tracey, we started to go out which was fun, we lost contact for a couple of years, she text me by accident 1 day, we then renewed our friendship, by then she had a 1y/o son, I was working for a charity, which was rewarding, however I started to doubt whether I was a passable woman, until about 2 years into our friendship when she text me 1 night saying that its Ben or its nothing, I decided then and there to transition back to male, however only a short time after I did, we had a huge fight, I packed my things and left, I was very upset and angry that I had been used and abused like that.
That was 7 years ago, I have come to realise that I am a gurl trapped in a males body. I have changed jobs and met a great lady, friends only atm, who is a big support, I plan on becoming my true self in late June 2013, this time I won't be going back to the male side , my advice to anybody who is not sure, hey go for it.
I have not been on hormones for nearly 8 years, yet I still have small but noticeable breasts, I am quite often referred to as a female, lately I have been unable to pee standing up even if Im really busting, I have to sit like a lady.
I recently tried to make love, but I couldn't get an erection, but we still had fun, I have realised that I should have been born a gurl
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I believe I am going there as well. I used to get hard just thinking of a girl. Now unless it is a gurl not much happens. Haven't had sex in months andit doesn't seem to bother me as it used to. So love to see cd's dressed en fem and dream of having a cd friend one of these days as I did in the past for so short a time.