My Realself

I am a girl trapped in a male body. I love wearing woman clothes since I was a little boy I tried girls clothes and I just felt that was part of me and who I am. I'm also a straight guy I love girls so much but deep inside I keep desiring just to be one of them. I dream about being a woman and all the woman stuff. I think if I was a girl life could be much easier for me. As a guy my life is so hard and every single aspect and sometimes I feel like I'm a completely failure. I wish I could born again as a girl...
I dream everysingle day about being a girl wearing nice fashion clothes, be desired by guys and girls. I have a fantasie of being a girl and have sex with another girl. I just love so much lesbian **** I think is so beautiful and delicate the way what girls make out. Sometimes when I'm on bed with my girlfriend I just make love with her as girls usually do and she goes completely crazy with mutiples *******. But deep inside of me I desire to be in her place/skin.
vickieruby2 vickieruby2
31-35, T
Jan 19, 2013