Bob Marley Was Really Smart

My dryer is broken.  My less than two year old 32-inch television is broken.  Last night, a friend came to help me fix the dryer.  I was out of clean sheets.  He told me that it would be alright for me to use the dryer a little bit but that it had to be monitored because it's not safe.  I was exhausted.  I've spent the last three days crying.  My little eyes are so swollen.  I laid on top of the comforter on my bed with both my bedroom and basement doors open so I could smell smoke, if it came.....  I didn't mean to fall asleep but, whoo boy!  Did I get some good sleep!  There was no fire I laid there this morning, sweating (I have night sweats....I think I'm starting pre-menopause) and aware that I was only wrapped up in my comforter and not "all the way in bed," but still mostly sleeping, the sounds from the TV started forming my sleep-thoughts...I began to dream.  I was at church.  I recognized the lady preaching.  I've seen her on TV before.  I always stop and listen to her when I catch her cuz she makes so much sense.  But, in my "dream" I was at her church.  It was REALLY fancy!  I mean, I felt like I was on a hollywood set for some giant movie-scene, or something.  Anyhow, I listened to everything that lady was saying, and I just wanted to reach out and hug her.  I felt so much love.  And, she was talking about how we can't keep talking all the time about how miserable we are (And, my thoughts recently have been largely composed of one sentence, looped together to form an infinte string:  "I'm tired and miserable and tired of being miserable."  It's become like a song, in my head.) ANYhow, She was saying how we can't keep going around making that proclamation to the world because, basically:  Negativity breeds negativity (coincidentally, I told my friend before he fixed the dryer that I half-heartedly believed that I was making all this stuff break...that my energy has been so negative for so long and I have become SO off-balance that my energy is actually, physically effecting my surroundings.  After all, it's all energy, right.??..everything....including electrical devices and people and....everything.  I mean, I had JUST gotten finished telling my friend, "If the position of the MOON can effect OCEAN TIDES on EARTH then, why does it seem so crazy to consider that I may be causing all this havoc?)  So, in my "dream," I wanted to HUG her because I felt like she was talking to ME and I was so GRATEFUL for that tiny little shred of (what I recognized to be) TRUTH that, for the first time in MONTHS, I felt in-touch with myself again.  She went on to say that, instead of the negative remarks (because the spoken word is very powerful and, I honestly believe this, too), we should train ourselves to proclaim a "healing"....a healing of energy, a healing of spirit....whatever kind of healing we imagine we are in need PROCLAIM that it has already been promised to us.

Well, I finally pulled myself out of the dream-state I was in....I started to become aware that I may not have been completely inside a dream....somehow, I began to recognize  I wasn't really in the church....When I forced my swollen eyes open and squited at the TV, though, I was disappointed and disoriented to discover that the church the lady was actually in on TV was SO drab and plain-looking, compared to the one I was at in my dream.  I felt somehow cleansed, refreshed, though.  My tv's still broken and very few things in my life are as I desperately long for them to be but, I believe again that "everything's gonna be all right" to borrow Bob Marley's words.

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we all have our fair share of **** that happens to us. Trust my life has been turned up side down, in the last 3 wks. But i will still hold it high. And remember i will succeed. LOl live life and love it.

lol! i laughed when i read your comment, noexcuses! ... "sweet mother! it really does work." you're right, it REALLY does, doesn't it?!? and, yes, your comment was perfectly and completely relevant to my "story." what both of us is actually talking about, i believe, is faith. we just don't really realize it. i mean, that's essentially what "mind over matter" means, i think. your co-workers BS stopped affecting you because you had faith that ignoring it would make you stop caring. that's why you ignored it. isn't it crazy how simple things really are when you remove all the BS?<br />
<br />
thanks for the comment!

Gaaawwd, ain't it the truth?? I read one of those "soup for the soul" things a few years ago and one of the points made was that we don't always have to be right - we don't always have to have the last word - and to make a point of just letting that stuff go. So, I started practicing it every day (my coworker is highly competitive, extremely nosey and is NEVER wrong about anything) and just sorta blew off her know-it-all comments. At first it was tough, I REALLY wanted to respond to her BS, but I didn't. After a week maybe, I was tuning her BS out and not even hearing it anymore. It was fantastic! So I tried a couple more "mind over matter" things and sweet mother, it really does work. Is this reply even related to your posting? I can't remember now, but I hope so. Thanks for your post.

i love your dream. very prolific, and very truthful. we should all have a dream like that at least once a month...