Wish Is Was Died To

Ok I wish I was died I had to be about three the frist time I thought about it 40 now my mom died 15 days after my 15th birthday aghust the 15th 17 days after my moms 34th birthday. She was my woruld littile did i know how much she really was till afther she died kicked out a year later by my dad and his grilfreind at the times so my mom was the youngest out of 13 i went to ga to stay with one of her older sisters alwasys feelt like a borden did not fit in growing up I nevere fit in to white for the indains and to indans for the whites a lot of indains were Im from my mom was inadin think my dad was embarressed by me cause i did not or could not pass for white my sister could blone hair blue eyes and very white me Im a big screw up not that smart I dont fit in this time my best friend that has been my friend since high school I found has been talking crap about me behine my back i would done anything for him I asked him about it he said **** me that hurts and it hurts bad I have no one in this wourld so why should i stick around. Just dont seem what ever i do turns out right the
would would have been better off wiht out me. ps Jerry Lee Malone

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Dec 13, 2012