Im so sick of everything. im on the verge of suicide. I have no way to kill myself though. I live with my parents and we don't exactly have anything that could be used to kill yourself. Im 14 so I cant just go to the store to buy sleeping pills to overdose on. I have no sleeping pills so I cant overdose. I cant slit my wrist because we have no sharp objects in the house. when my parents found out that I self hared then they took all the sharp objects away. so im now stuck here in this stupid world, desperate to die but yet I have no way to kill myself.
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No... Don't die. Are you kidding me. Don't.

Well All I can say on this is you are 14, you have alot ahead of you to make life better. besides the weight you ar efeeling now can be lifted if you turn it into a positive not a negitie and it's as simple as it is in math class to cahgne it.