I Want To Be Divorced...

..because at least after all the failed relationships, i would feel like i had achieved something.

i still believe in marriage and i really wish that someone had wanted to do it with me. even if it didn't work out in the end, i would feel content with the fact that someone did once love me enough to marry me.

and then maybe i could stop looking for love, and finding pain.

horriblegirl horriblegirl
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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone. I've never been through it but have seen many peoples lives destroyed by it. The hatred that creeps in is atrocious, and what they do to the kids if they have them is even worse. Honey, you are young enough for at least two more lifetimes, if not three. Just live life to the fullest and stop looking, it will happen, when you least expect it. Learn to be more discerning about who you date as well. I broke up with a guy one month before I met my husband. Definately wasn't looking but been married 21 joyful yrs.

Marriage is just and right if entered into for the correct reasons. Marriage didn't start to fail so regularly untill the 60's and I won't go there for now.<br />
You certainly look lovely enough if that is your avatar. So I would say just do the things you enjoy doing and you will meet someone you know likes the things you like. One reason MANY relationships fail is because they were saught after and therefore to some extent pushed. True love does not need a search light. It can be found even in the darkest of places.<br />
I hope you find what your looking for. My first marriage was brought to an end with my wife's death at the hand of another. But I loved her dearly. My second I still love in many ways but could not allow her to endanger my daughter or myself anymore with her addictions and is why I filed for the divorce with her. I LOVE marriage in it's truest light. <br />
Don't give up. Just enjoy life. Live it openly and help others along the way and you will find love.<br />
Hugs,<br />

guit trying so hard, it is easiest to find something when you are not looking. I was looking for marriage the first time around and it was a complete disaster. The 2nd time I was going out of my way not to get married and boom, love at first sight. Take it easy on yourself

I've loved an divorced 3 times now and wouldn't wish the pain of it on anybody . I've lost alot in the bargain and gained life expeience that most wouldn't envy . Still , if I had it to do over , I wouldn't change a thing .