Its only 9:30am an ive already messed up our day, its sad that our happiness depneds on wether i mess up or not on wether i upset you or not. Ive seen the way she is around you ive seen how she looks at you i know how u look at her. The sound of her voice gets my blood pumping! Deep down i kno you will never go there shes not me im what you want. This i know but i also no there are days where im not good enough ,and i cnt help but wonder if thats wat makes u drawn to her the thouhgt of that scares me all though i kno you. You are as in love with me as i am with you but love isnt good enough when i cant do anything right i wonder if u think she could.Sometimes i feel like i come second when i know i come first to you,but then where do these feelings come from ? Am i wrong to feel this way am i wrong to think that one day ull decided youve had enough of my lilttle mistakes and run to her because she can do it better. How i wonder if ill ever be good enough??
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Aug 3, 2010