I Wish It To Be True, I Don't Know If It Is..

I guess this is what it comes down to, at the bottom of the heap within which I look at from a greater height. I wish I was good enough. You know the kid that asked if they were adopted.. only to find they weren't - that was me. The girl who looked adoringly at that guy and found out he never gave a toss in the first place and used her for the fun of it - that was me. The teenager who sort nothing more than to belong and managed to isolate themselves to the point of existence - that was me. The woman who appears now, is still searching and looking for that ever longing piece within that says "I am good enough".
Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2010

You are who you are - and who you are is plenty good enough!<br />
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Maybe life has allowed you to make a few errors early so you can recognise yourself? And there is nobody out there who could be described as perfect either; but there is someone who is right. There's a difference. <br />
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You make a lot of people smile and think when you write - that's good enough for starters ;-)

Thank you for your kind comments :)

and not as friend my dear, if you ha've suffered that much, you have learnt a lot, you may be the perfect friend, gf, wife, etc, just don't ever give up in life, and try to be happy, chase your dreams and don't be dissapointed in life, just see each failiure, as a new oportunity =)

Your more than good enough for me and i know i'm not the only one.Your everything i could want in a friend.