I can't even find the words to write here. My family hates me. I am plain jane boring useless, and literal outcast of the family I live with. My husband has become annoyed with me and isolated, he has nothing romantic or physical to do with me. I'm sure if we didn't have a son we'd be divorced. My mother in law literally hates everything about me. She constantly makes me feel worse in life about how I raise my child. My son has autism and I feel that because he relies on me to learn the fact that he hasn't shows what a terrible parent I am. I am in a new state away from my own family and friends and constantly feel alone. These people I live with I love and cherish and try to win their affection but I am always looked at as more a annoyance, then a wife, mother and daughter. This is my family and they make me feel like crap.
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you see yourself as a failure, but hear what i tell my daughter, you are learning and you are growing, you dont judge what is not finished. you wait, so is your life, dont give up on yourself, look at the inner you, and see all the potential in there, and invite the greatest power in to empower you to rise up from that mental gloom, read the bible, ps, 23, say what a little boy said about himself when he was neglected by his father and 11 brothers, he was very insignificant... it changed his life forever....

Please please please, you must realize that this is not you! If we didn't have our children shortly after we married, I would have just walked away from her and her family. Her mother has always hated me (and viciously ) so much so that she almost did not even attend our wedding. My wife has never seen this side of her or chooses to ignore it. Her A-hole brother is the same way. For the first three years of our marriage, he could not even remember my name correctly. Its not really that tough a name C H A R L E Y. He even used MY address and phone number to get a credit card which he never paid and went into default on it so WE kept getting the calls. My wife sees nothing wrong with his behavior either. I am always the bad guy here.

Well ask your self this!! Do you really need their approval?? Why is your self worth based on what they think and say? They don't know you !! They only see what they want!! So you need to take a step back and look!! You are raising a kid with one of the hardest disability !! So just focus on him!! Dont care what they say!! Their is support groups that you can join that can help you with so much!! If his family want support you go outside they will help you!!

Look I have problems with my husband family also! So I just knock them out of my live!! He goes and see them I want!! And I look at it as me time!! I love it!! But for you that is harder!! You have a child!! But you can limit their time!! Once you get in to group it well help in many ways!!

Now on your husband do you know why their is a wall between the two of you??? What cause this wall To go up?? Have the two of you talked?? I mean TRUELY talked!! If not please talk!!! If so then try to work with him to fix things!! Maybe have a date night!! Have a candle dinner!! Lay out some sexy clothes on the bed!! Just do some small things to get his attention again!! I'll pray that you find the answer that you need

It's hard in the new when I dk where anything is, and one car, to find a group. My sons getting help through therapy but so far we having no luck. An yes I have tried to talk to my husband. He only glares at me or answers angrily. We used to have date night and talk openly and be involved but It all stopped over a month ago.

So if you don't mind what happened last month

Nothing unusual. Just normal

Well then if you don't know cause his Chang ! I just have one question is their someone new in your and his life???

I had that problem. A so called friend was causing problem!! Telling him all kinds of junk that wasn't true!! But she was wanting him!! We split for a yr.

If you TRUELY can't find something that you have done . That got him pissed then I would check out what is going on outside the home!!

Ex. My husband was always home after work!! Then he started going to meetings!! So he said !! No true!! So he said that he was with the guys !! Not true !! So he said he was working late yes but not as long as he said!! If you can't get his phone and check it out ?? Their is a problem what is he hiding??? If he hiding stuff on the computer and staying on it to long some thing is wrong!! So check out his story you might be surprised!!

After a yr we worked it out!! After we hurt each other and we both had to grow up!! That was when we had a good marriage 38 yrs. now !!!

I really hope it's not some female that's the problem. I don't know what I'd do. I use to be good enough now I'm not?

Well the best thing is check out his story's!! Just like you will have to do on your kids!!

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