Just Once...

I wish Just once I was good enough for you, and for your friends. You have never let me meet one of your friends, or never went to a party, that you were invited to, because you never wanted me to go. I can't help but feel like I am not good enough for you. I mean, I know I am not pretty, or thin or anything, but I mean other people Love me, and want me around, I don't know why I am just never good enough...

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I bet you are dont let anyone say anything other,I know it can be difficult at times, but hold your head up high and say " I am me what you see is what you get" be proud of been you. Your an original as we all are, one of a kind. There is only one of you in the world & that makes you priceless.

I bet you're absolutely lovely! This makes me so sad. You have such a poor perception of yourself. I'm wondering is this what you really see through your own eyes or are you seeing it through his? Either way (much as you love him) he's clearly not helping here! If someone's not part of the solution, then they're part of the problem. This runs deep and you don't need or deserve to be feeling this way! Have you discussed this with him? Does he know how you feel? I don't know him and I try not to judge anyone. But you're clearly in a great deal of unecessary pain here. I hope you feel better soon, PM me if you need to talk *HUGZ*