Words Are Not Enough

It seems as if you mean one thing and say another. You have said before that I am good enough, but I don't feel that way and I never have. You love to criticize me and you say you're trying to help me. What you mean is that you're trying to make me be a different person but you cover that up by saying you're trying to help me do better in life. If you really were trying to help me in a good way you wouldn't be criticizing and crushing everything I say. I can't help but look at the negatives in you now because of what I have heard from your mouth. I need different things from you than what I get from you now; and I'm not talking about taking care of me during the week. The only reason you do that is because you don't like my independence; you want more codependence and I can't seem to give you enough of that. I'm extremely proud of my independence and I have showed you how weak I can be around you and that seemed to have made you walk on me. You're not 100% bad guy, but letting my guard down around you would be too dangerous and it will never happen. I won't let it.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Wow! Reading your post, the red flags are popping up! Sounds to my like your friend is an abuser in training .... I would get as far away from him/her as possible. They are going to drag you down to their level .... will you have the stength to climb out of that hole? Get out while you still can.