What Makes You So Much Better

We met and became inseparable, at least that is how it all started. We used to have so many things in common and everything was a perfect fit. The only difference between us is that you're involved in different social groups that I am not. All things were going well until you got with a group of your long lost friends and you dropped me like I never existed. Now all the months, days, hours and minutes we shared count for nothing. When none of these people were around who was always there for you 24 hours a day, that happened to be me. For me it didn't matter if you needed to cry, vent or just needed a hug I was the one that was there. Now that you have your new group of friends I barely receive a call, text or email but I am learning to live with it. So now my question to you is, what makes you so much better now?

SoftSpokenOne SoftSpokenOne
51-55, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

This happened to me recently too with a very good friend of a long time. She met a new friend... and slowly her need for me faded, I dont understand it at all but im slowly getting over it.

Breezeann,<br />
Thanks for stopping by and responding, and maybe we are long lost twins. The most I can say at this point in time is, I have not given anyone else a chance to get that close. This situation seemed to take so much from me, so I just go with the flow now. I just concentrate on me because some people tend to think they are so much better than others.