You tell her "hey brown sugar you are looking gorgeous as usual." You don't tell me that.

You receive messages from other females such as "I miss you in bed last night." I send a simple "I miss you" and you don't respond.

You compliment her/them. You don't compliment me.

You say you want a good woman, yet you are chasing after the ones with drama, bad attitudes, no personality, and so forth.

You say your family is concerned about your love life, yet they don't know other women miss you in bed. (not that they need to)

You say you are happy that I accept you for who you are, yet you make it seem like you are insecure; with women missing you in bed, you could have fooleed me.

You talk so much s*** about your feelings and wanting to be with me, yet we are not together.

You say you are ready to settle down, yet you are trying to be like the boys in the streets and  music videos to see how much a** you can get.

"I am right here. X marks the spot," is what you told me.

*I* am HERE! A Good woman right here in your face! Are you blind?

What is wrong with me? Better yet, WTF Is wrong with YOU?

MysticLioness MysticLioness
31-35, F
Mar 7, 2010