I've heard about it, but i don't understand it.  Maybe if, everytime I looked at any part of my life I didn't see failure, I could be happy.  I see myself as a failure in relationships after everything I've gone through the last 2 years.  I see myself as a failure at work because the person who destroyed my life is there and I am now so distracted that it's become difficult to focus on work.  I see myself as a failure in friendships, as so many people I thought were friends have turned on me after hearing the lies my ex spreads about me.  After everything I've gone through, I can't bring myself to make connections with people.  I don't trust anymore.  There isn't any aspect of my life that I can look at and say that I'm doing okay.  I have nothing to build on and I've lost interest in everything.  I hope reincarnation is just a myth, because I don't want  to do this again.

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i hope you log back into this, 5 years later and realize that hitting rock bottom was a blessing. I'm assuming youre doing much better now and thats why youre not in this site any longer :)

u are happy now...if you'll only allow yourself...you build your own life...if reincarnation does exist,you'll never get the same life...are you familiar with the saying,"everything happens just for once."?if you'll just allow yourself to understand this simple phrase you'll find the answer on your own...<br />
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if you are so down at this moment,maybe your just looking at a wrong angle...even the faces of people have their ugly sides...just like in life,a single event can have a thousand of perspective...thus it means,even it has its hundreds of bad angles,there'll still be a couple of hundreds of good shots...we just have to find at least one of those to make it better...