This Guy I Think I Like

Ok so I've know this guy for a year now, and at least for me it was love at first sight, I know him but I don't really know all about him. I've told him in a in discrete and not straight out there way that I like him three times. I was going to tell him I like him straight out after his prom ( we went to different schools, we both just graduated) where he invited another girl to, I wanted to wait until after his prom to see where is relationship went with this other girl he stared dating her. I tried to stop liking him so I wouldn't damage our friendship, it kind of worked until I found out he isn't dating this other girl. He knows that I have never dated before, he is also the one person who I can always text and get a response and he can walk the fine line between helping me and not taking away my freedom (due to a condition that for a while made it painful to walk). I want to date him or get closer to him but at the same time I don't want to hurt our friendship it means a lot to me. We also live about half an hour apart and I'm still learning how to drive I think he knows how to drive
ajbenson24 ajbenson24
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2011