What I See

I walk around my school and see boys and girls together, talking, hugging, holding hands. I get on Facebook and see that people's relationship status says that hey are in a relationship. I talk to my friends and hear about their amazing girlfriends who they text all the time. I hav none of that. I join my football team and i still dont get gils. I hang out with cool people. No girls. I just need one girl. But i dont hav one. My friends do. My class mates do. I know many girls and i hav liked many. But none like me. I am lonley. That is what i see everyday. That is what i see, period.
noahark543 noahark543
13-15, M
1 Response Apr 30, 2012

Oh u hang out with soldiers, actors, writers and athletes?... really?... or u mean cool people like teenagers who don't even know how to shave their balls?