I Just Don't Know What To Do.

Mmmm, ok... I'm a kind of new here... I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I guess i just want to read opinions about my idiot affair.
I've been loving a boy for one year. We had something a long time ago, but I broke up cause I was really confused and I always was afraid to date him and be his girlfriend - a lot of girls want him, and he go out with all of them.
Since we broke up, we don't talk or meet like before. And the boy is like a mistery to me, he never shows what he feels or wants. Sometimes he comes and talks to me, show me songs (we had a musical relationship). I can feel that he treat me different from other girls... but he's indiferent.
Last week, I saw him on a party. We were probably drunk but I can really remember everything that he said to me.
I told him about my feelings and that i wasnt afraid anymore, i would face every mistake he could make. He said that he likes me, but he don't believe we can have more than an affair cause he thinks he will let me down. I'm so frustrated.
I can't understand what he wants, everything could be simple, you know? I'm trying to talk to him these days, but... nothing...
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Jun 1, 2012