I'm "breaking Partnership In This Crime"*

Is there any good way to forget about someone?

I wish I could be happy with the person, but it's impossible. I don't want to ruin his life, and this will happens in the worst case. The best way to solve this is to forget. I mean, I like him, not sure if he likes me, but there were... things between us. But he has a girlfriend. 3 years already of better and worse relationship. And then I met him. I kinda believe him that he cheated on her first time. Maybe I just want to feel kinda „special”, right? I guess so. But I like him, a lot... and I know I shouldn't.

But anyways, there is no happy ending for two of us, just for two of them. That's what I believe. SO, any good way to forget about someone? Anyone?

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What you're experiencing, ba<x>sed upon your instant rationalization, actually planned out grammar and knowingness of what is happening, I'm guessing you have a "Broken Heart Syndrome". Apparently it's a physical thing, kind of like a minor version of a heart attack. So, my advice is ba<x>sed upon my own experiences, and if you see something that's completely off-topic, don't get angry at it, I'm just trying to help you, rather than sending you my own regards to get better, like the majority of EP does. No offence, EPeeps.<br />
Sadly, there's really no easy way to forget someone you used to have emotions to. You're probably going to be miserable for some time, but trust me, I've been through it, it'll pass. The idea about forgetting someone is literally forgetting about him, I know it's hard, all of those fantasies, those ideas of both of you together, as if it's been stolen. But it really wasn't, it just never was supposed to be like that, and you don't have to grind over the past, because you won't be able to look into the future that way.<br />
You firstly need to cut all contacts with him, don't go to places or do things that remind you of him, if you're going somewhere where he goes as well, well, it's going to be a little bit harder, and the best way to proceed is not openly ignoring him, but acting as if he's a simple friend of yours. But be advised, if he befriends you, don't think there's still a sparkle of hope, because it'll eradicate your process completely.<br />
A lot of people say "Find happiness in other things that you do", it's a lie, you can't find happiness, you can only find short-term peace in a time like this. The idea is that you need to extend that short-term peace into long-term, and then work on being happy. It's a process not many do, because they either don't know it, don't follow it or just want to be miserable. That's not you.<br />
Like I said, find things that somehow keep your mind focused on something else, it may seem difficult, but it's possible, also, don't do things that make you miserable as well, for instance, listen to sad songs, or something else. So, instead of that, listen to happy, inspirational songs, watch movies that are actually inspirational, rather than romantic films that many people think are true, even though these types of films actually portray the complete fictional version of love.<br />
Want a fun fact? Many women and men have this type of unconscious requirements inside their heads, which basically means that if someone triggers some, or all of the requirements, they see them as a potential mate. It's a pretty savage thing if you look into it more, but in all honesty, love is, indeed, a pretty primitive thing. Anyways, if somebody triggers something in the requirements, they start to become a potential mate, and if someone manages to trigger all of the unconscious requirements, well, you've found someone that basically means you "love" him. But wait! There are approximately 7.028~ billion people in the world, divide it by two, maybe divide it a few more times ba<x>sed on where you live, and you have an approximate number of how many males live around your place. Look at that number! And you think that only ONE person can fill your own unconscious requirements? There are, at least, literally over a hundred, even a thousand potential love interests, each more perfect in your eyes than the other, so, never forget, if you didn't get someone this time, somebody else, much better, will come into your life. Patience is key in love, it's one of the most important, unknown, and unwanted rules, but it's still there.<br />
I can recommend you to search around EP or fiddle around Google for more advice, there are some pretty good websites that could help you, but the problem is, some of them tend to be pretty generic, and some of them even make the same mistakes, for instance, happiness can be achievable instantly after a broken heart, NOPE! It can't!<br />
Don't cry for someone who won't cry for you, and remember, every mistake you do in your life is another lesson that you learn, and every lesson that you learn is another step to success.

Thank you for all these words. You are right, I try to follow this. Thank you.