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im a crosdressing pansy and love it mwa xx
shaeeee shaeeee 46-50 31 Responses Jul 13, 2012

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I'm a pansy getting into more crossdressing.

you are so cute love to be friends

Way to go girl!!

I know the feeling!

I love that you are a sissy pansy!!! I am to :-)

Please replhi babe I love hun very much

you are sooo sexy

You look stunning hon, keep doing what your doing xx

Me too darling .xxx

keep doing what you love babe

yes i will x

thank you xx

Good for you!

You look so natural & very happy with yourself. Very brave to go for it !

i will ty xx

and you look pretty good doing it :)

ty hun xx


I love being feminine I wish I could feel like a real woman

Not sure that I am a pansy, but I enjoy everything feminine,

yuo im a very feminine pansy


mwa xx xx u also

Nice. More Picts?

Cross dressing really suits you babe..... I guess I have to get in the queue to be sissy with you.... XXXX B

I am a cross-dressing rock star.

I wish there were more like you.

hi oi oi oi

I am too, and love it when I can

oh me too hon, i love crossdressing and pleasing men

nothing better hey hun

so true hon

You "Rock" my boat :)

Me too honey and it is so awesome


Love it! Say it proud! MWAAAAAA!

Me too... I want my eager **** to be ****** with enthusiasm and against the wall...

bummer xx

I wish I was in a relationship to. Where do y ou live?

australia xx

Some how I knew it would be half way across the world. Just my luck.

Australia???? I'm crying at the edge of my bed!!!!! If only????

I haven't reached the crying stage yet. I'm still in the very lonely and haven't given up hope yet stage. I am beginning to feel like a raisin due to lack of use, and lack of contyact.

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ok honey xx

That's the best way to be! Welcome to EP there's always a need for another CD to share experiences.

thank you mwa xx