Is There Anything Left?

Coming out of a serious relationship can take a toll on you, whether you were the one who broke it off, or they broke it off, or it was mutual agreement . After months of not having any communication of talking to that person they randomly text you, you text back, start talking again, and before you know it you're already falling for each other again. You know the first few weeks/months will be great, but you can already see where it'll be down the road, leading to the same problems that broke y'all up in the first place. You go for it, because it makes you happy, but this happiness like all other happiness is temporary.. Sometimes you have to be the stronger person and resist temptation, occupy yourself with things that will make you a better person, not bring you down, making your sad, bitter, angry and what not. I do believe in second chances, but not for the same mistake. Know yourself first, your intentions, actions, moods, etc, before you get to know someone else, so you can tell whether you can handle the relationship from the get go or not. Single doesn't always mean lonely, and relationship doesn't always mean happy. Think about it!
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It probably is human nature, it's as if we set our self up for failure. I'm very sure true love does exist, just going through trials and tribulations with relationships trying to find the "right" one sucks. Very true, still try, because you still love, and would do anything to have it forever.

I strongly agree with this. Well for me the greatest thing about relationship is that even though we know what will happen in the end with all the pain, tears and crying, WE STILL TRY IT and make ourselves happy for a bit. :) maybe that's human nature after all. :)