I've known this guy for a couple years now. He's been a great friend to me all this time.We've dated on and off in the past, and he's the only guy who stuck around that I really care for and keep in touch with. He was my first kiss and knows everything about me. He knows how insecure I am about myself, how I cut myself before, how in the past I planned on becoming bulimic in hopes to get my dream body, and he even knows about how my cousin molested me.
He's really important tp me and I've gone farther with him then I have with any other guy. With any other guy doing that stuff is wierd but with him I can be myself and I enjoy the attention he gives me. I can honest to god, without no doubt say I love him. As some of you read this your probaly rolling your eyes. You don't think a 13-15 year old girl knows what love is. But I do. I see it everyday between my mom and dad. And I have a feeling that I've never gotten before about this guy. I know in the past I've wasted the words, I love you to other guys and haven't really meant them, but I made a vow to myself I'd only tell a guy I love him if I meant it. And now I truly mean it.
So everything seemed to be going perfect until I heard he no longer liked me, and if he did he didn't like me as much as I liked him. He told my friend who told me I should stop trying. :/ But I was so confused. I didn't understand how he suddenly felt that way. I later learned he liked my bestfriend. They dated. I was mad at my friend for betraying me like that. She broke up with him then. And now he hasn't talked to me. He even told me he never wants to date again or be fwb's because apparently I broke them up. He said he really liked my friend and it crushes me because I want him to feel that way about me. Reality sucks. So for the past 1-2 months now I've been crying almost every night. I miss him so much. I feel like no one understands.
Even though he's been kind of rude to me and so on for a while I still love him. I wish so badly he felt the same. So currently life really sucks. I really miss him and am literally praying to God he'll be back. I don't want to throw away three years of a relationship. I mean who would? I don't want him to be the one that got away. I want it to be like normal again. I want to kiss him and hug him again. I hope he comes back. <3
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Amazing! You will get through it. I promise u that. With all the friends I'm sure u have they will push u all they way(:

good story i know how u feel!