Unhappy In My Relationship

My boyfriend see's his mate more than me. i have seen him 3 times with 7 days and he has seen his mate 5 times. and its not different mates just the same one all the time. all they do is get high in his mates car. he has ditched me twice to stay with his mate. im so fed-up of it iv told him many times that i am not happy when his mate shows up when i am there. but still he carries on doing it. its getting to that point where i am starting to not care but it hurts coz i do care. i wish i could just be numb so then i am not bothered if i see my boyfriend or not. coz he certainly doesnt seem to want to spend that much time that i want to spend with him. someone please giving me advice or if you have or are in a simerler situation?
Darkangelcry Darkangelcry
18-21, F
Dec 30, 2012