I Have No Idea What I Should Do Now...

Should I try or what?
Should I go to another end of the world for some guy who doesn't even care that much about me? I like the country I'm going to, but lets be honest, my main point is going the to meet HIM and telling him sex isnt the only thing I want from life. I want him as a real partner, in a real relationship. But I'm affraid he doesn't want the same. I'm pretty sure about that! But still... I want to go there. But its not the best time nor reason to go. And it cost A LOT. I have a job, I can pay it from my own money, but I have to work for many months to be able to go there... Is it even worth it? If he doesn't care? I don't know what should I do... Should I go or stay? And even if he will say "I want the same" will it be true...? I'm so scared he will just react as "oh, ok, bye then" or "ok, lets try" but at the end its going to end the way it's now...
What should I do now?

xagu xagu
22-25, F
Jan 1, 2013