But Why

So i finally had the nerve to ask the person I fell in love with to be with me...they said si but then said "its not afical"...like really thats confuzing. I understand y shes so nervous to say yes but wheni get the guts to do it because u say to just ask....u dont know weather to say yes or no..its like u leave me hanging on a string 100ft in the air about nothing but pavment. then today i found out (not from u) that u really wanna be friends but just dont kno how to tell me because ill cry and then ull feel bad. yes i cryed when i was told but in a few minutees i realized that ur to awsome to loose and if i cant have you in a relationship than i have to deal with being ur friend. still iwant to kno why is it u say to just ask THEN realize that its friendship u want from me....but just so u kno i still love u
hazeleyes212 hazeleyes212
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Maybe it's because you're uneducated.