Unhappy and Unloved

All I have ever wanted was to have a relationship. And just recently, my boyfriend of almost two months (my first real relationhip that actually last longer than a week) dumped me because he "didn't want a girlfriend this summer". I have always been told that I was ugly by the many bullies and I have been depressed due to many reasons. But, just when I was feeling really happy, I get dumped. And now, all I want is for someone to hold me. Someone to say that everything is okay. To tell me that I'm beautiful... maybe I'm asking too much....
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You are beautiful and NO, not too much to ask for. Found my partner after being divorced for nearly 20 years. She is in South America and I am in South Africa. Met her in the States nearly 3 years ago. Don't go and look for love, love will find you.

I no how that feel I got talk about a lot in just because I was not a people person they really talk about me I felt like that to honey in when I did wish for the things u are wanting I got that but it was nuthin that I really wanted cause he was hiting me he was on bad drugs he was tryn to pimp me in with me tryn to find love I though every thing he was doin was love he was living a double life style in it got to the point were he broke me all the way down baby I was 18 when all this happen I am just 19 but anyways I was with him for a year in I am tryn my best to stop talking to him cause he is just playing mekeep your head up if u love your self that's all u goin to need into that rite guy find u

Sweetheart, I know how you feel because I've felt that way my entire life and I'm 23 years old. I was a late bloomer, had my first relationship when I was 18, even lost my virginity to him.

All I ever wanted was to find someone to make me feel happy, loved, and beautiful. I thought I did when I was 20, so I married him. What I learned from this? I married someone only because they gave me what I couldn't achieve myself which was love for myself and happiness on my own.

The truth is, you have to find happiness on your own and then find someone to be happy with you. You can't be with someone just so that they can make you happy. That would be depending on someone else to do what you're supposed to do on your own and that's where we go wrong.

It sounds cliche and I still have my moments where I say "I just want someone to make me happy and love me!" but you have to love yourself before you can allow someone else to love you.

I know you feel terrible right now but I'll just tell you what I tell myself everyday; someday, you'll find the right man for you. He won't be prince charming but he won't mind walking beside you and making you feel as great as you make him feel.

Hang in there! :)

Don't cry for someone who won't cry for you, sister.

i went through the exact same thing i recently got a girl <br />
just ignore what the people say and be yourself

yeah, you know there no ugly woman in the world, Some woman think that they re ugly, but certainly not. This only negative thought in thes women's ming. I think they should this desructive thougts. It is in your hand. Please all women dont think like that.All power and beatuy is your mind. Please now look at the mirror and say continiously ı am beautiful . Yes you are beautiful. I strongly advise you <br />
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If you try, yo dont lose anything:)<br />
<br />
I wish great hppiness in your life.

Thank you so very much for what you have said. I greatly appreciate that. I'll keep your advice in mind. Thanks!!<br />
<br />
ALSO... UPDATE:<br />
<br />
My ex-boyfriend was a liar. He didn't "not want a girlfriend"... he wanted my "best friend".... and neither of them have the balls to tell me he left me for her!! Its f***ing hilarious!! Wow... Yeah... Those immature people make me giggle... =]

well, i replied before i got a chance to read on... lol.. im glad you're feeling way better and with friends like that, who needs enemies?

forget about them, they're no good anyway! :)

Have you ever thought that you may just be very beautiful and they envy you.<br />
If he didnt want a girl friend this summer its his loss not yours.<br />
Now for the crunch bit. Stop feeling sorry for yourself think possitively,if a guy see's you mopeing around looking sad all the time he wont want to know,so put a smile on your face,a little makeup and some nice clothes,be yourself and go out with friends to a club,bar or shoping and enjoy yourself. The lads will be attracted to you,but you need to look like your fun to be with.