Tired of Being Alone

I want to be in a safe relationship with a man.  But I have to learn to trust and overcome my own past.  I've been in abusive relationships and dont want to repeat the same mistakes all over again.  I am too old for that. 

Part of me also wants to feel protected by a man.  But I also feel that I need to learn to take care of myself.  Not easy!

Love can feel good, I know.  I've tasted it in my life.  I had one man who was good, but it didn't work out.  No ones fault.  Having had it once, I want it again, long term.

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Get therapy. Until you heal emotionally from your past abuse you won't be ready for a good relationship.

my first wife was in an abusive relationship and he abused thier 3 sons also.<br />
I took all of them on and showed them that there are men who can be trusted not to physically hurt others but that might just be because of my femme side.

why are you feeling alone..<br />
you want you have to be alone?<br />
if you are alone think of sexy things..<br />
think of nature or think of sexy man...then you will feel the tiredness of being together

yes am also looking very hard

I don't mean to sound harsh, but you sound much like me some 20 years ago. And I learned that most of what you write is a myth. Safe relationships with men are usually with the cast offs that would rather run home to mama than be in a committed relationship. Men that want to protect usually want to also intimidate and subjugate the ob<x>ject of their affection. <br />
<br />
Focus on the part of you that wants to take care of yourself. You will find real power in that choice. And from that choice you will hopefully either find a strong man that admires you for being a strong person (but on the other hand won't want to rescue your or be 'safe,' which in my experience means uninvolved)....or you will find that you really don't need a man in your life to feel fulfuilled.<br />
<br />
I found out the latter all too late....still trying to rectify that.

I am also exactly understand you. I had problems in my relationship. At first steps everythinh looked like Ok. Then some problems starden and went on. Finally my relatinships finished. after a few months ı thought and ı decided that ı am the only one who responsible of all mistakes. I had to change my point of wiev.Basically, the main problem was my way of thinking. <br />
<br />
Finally with some strong advices ı started to listen some motivational and trephapy cds. It came big differences into my life.Now I am not as I was. I am a new perosn and now I have a save, happy relationship .<br />
<br />
I advise you Love and appreciate yourself by Aleq Sini. This cd strongly affect you giving your subconscious mind the positive experience of self love for who you truly are.<br />
<br />
be sure after you listen to these cds you will be full of hope and love.<br />
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<br />

I know exactly how you feel, I am feeling the same way and have been where you have been too.