I want to be in a relationship so bad but I feel like I'm a horrible flirt and act so awkward around guys and I feel scared to get too attached to someone because I feel like they'll make fun of what I look like because in not skinny.
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If you find the right person, they'll love you for who you are, not for a fictional ideal of what the ideal woman would be. Or, rather, if you find the right person, you will be their idea of what the ideal woman is :) If you're attached to someone making fun, then they're not worth your time. The right person will treat you well and love you for who you are - just as you'll love them for who you are :)

It is very hard to open yourself up to someone entirely, and risk getting hurt - I understand that all too well. But at the same time, if you never take that risk, then you'll never give things the chance to work out.

its tough,honestly,to find someone. just remember. be yourself. and beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Thanks :) and it is tuff seeing ally friends happy with there bfs

it is...but you cant rush love. you have to take it,nice and easy. nice and slow. and be careful who you let in your heart,and give it too. your heart and love are very special things.