With Someone Other Than Myself.


    I mean don't get me wrong... I love the relationship I'm having with myself. I just wish it was a bit more...twosome & a little less lonesome. lol.  I mean there are so many hugs myself can give to me before it just doesn't do the trick anymore. Mahahahahah!!!

   I have a good relationship with my mom too. I mean it's not as close as it once was because of the generation gap, my ex came between us quite a bit & there has been resentment on both sides of our relationship. We are getting back to before though, but I worry that there is some damage we may not be able to fix. I know I can count on her, & she knows she can count on me. When push comes to shove, she knows that I will put her before myself.

   Which I guess is one of the hardest obstacles in my way right now for having a relationship with anyone other than myself...... I mean it's one thing to love me & want to be with me. It's quite another to give up your life to move to a little church going community & settle into life in a fishbowl. It can be difficult to adjust too. Ex never really did. He's very happy back where he is & for the most part so am I. I guess I will just take care of myself & hope that Goddess pops someone into my life that will stay for the long haul. lol. There's always hope, right?

   WynHaven xo

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3 Responses Jun 3, 2009

Ok - I have a BRILLIANT idea!!! I need a great relationship -YOU need a great relationship - no brainer huh??? LMAO --- yeah - I am looking too, too bad it was NOT that easy, huh?? =)

Happiness should find you wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, so don't give up, okay? ... You're doing a good thing, caring for loved ones :) ...

There's always hope :) ... You're right ...