I Could Use Some Company

Being alone gets old after awhile and I would love to be in a healthy relationship with a man again. I face the facts that time is passing me by and I am not getting any younger after all. I pray that God puts someone in my path or makes the person in my life more attentive or something happens before it's too late! I just feel I am missing out on so much and my heart aches with it all.........I really have a lot of love to give to someone if I only had the chance.......

cinfullynn cinfullynn
46-50, F
6 Responses Jun 3, 2009

Today is the anniversary of his accident and I am still alone. I wait for God to put someone in my life.

That is so sad. We know things happen for a reason but I wish you could see the reasoning here.

Things changed alot since this post. I did hold on to that man I lost hope in but he was killed in an accident so I am all alone now.........

I have those same hopes... one day. Don't give up. It's absolutely infuriating to me when people don't value what they have. I've only been on one side of the pole though... I have my weaknesses like everyone else. Just remember there's no such thing as a perfect person, and if you like what you have then by all means try to hold on to it.

I lost all hope in my man and told him to hit the road.....

Please don't think that life is passing you by. They say that 50 is middle age. You have plenty of time to learn something new , move to a new city, and find someone that you really connect with not just someone to keep you company.<br />
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I know that this is not only possible but likely just be ready for it and let it all happen and inrich your life.