What Little I've Learned About Relationships

OK, I'm neither single nor looking for a relationship. But I promised someone on this site I would write something with her in mind. I've been maried for a fair whikle and my undeserved reputation of the past has long been put to rest.

But here are some random and casual observations from someone who, in earlier years, collected his fair share of emotional bumps and bruises:

- A man with manners will always have ladies around him.

- One kiss can be worth a thousand others.

- When people tell you how many affairs they've had, halve it. When they tell you how few, double it.

- Anyone can fall in love, but few know how to trust.

- A gentleman doesn't waste money on women. He wastes it on a particualr woman.

- The woman who has had many love affairs really has had only one, with herself. The various men were merely props. The same observation applies to men.

- There are times when "I'm sorry" means a lot more than "I love you", as long as it isn't over-used.

- A real lady is a diamond, and a real man knows it. He becomes the smooth black velvet that shows it off so brilliantly.

- A truly great love affair doesn't fade away. It crashes...and usually hard.

- It's funny how every man thinks it is his God-given right to make it with a girl who could be the centerfold of Playboy...when he himself couldn't make the back cover of National Geographic.

- The contents of a lady's heart and soul will take you farther and last you way longer than the contents of her panties.

- Gentleness comes only from strength...not weakness.

- A woman finds it easier to forgive a man who broke her heart than to forgive a man who lied to her or used her.

- Hearts break when they love too much or cease caring.

- First-class men are hard to find and easy to lose. With second class men, it is the other way around. Same rule applies to women.

- Only people and pets can make you cry.

You know that old saying 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'? Believe it.

For what it is worth, after you have had various kinds of relationships, with various kinds of people, you can take your hard earned scars and trade them in for a little wisdom and another chance to find what you want. Please feel free to take any of these observations and to put in your hip pocket, or dismiss as total drivel...as you best see fit.

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9 Responses Aug 26, 2009

wow, this actually made me feel better about myself and how i look at things... i don't know what just happened but i like it.

Its nice to see a Man being positive and grateful for your life, with all the scras and mistakes we make. I like quotes too. they help to be positive and touch on many feelings. too bad more people can't think this way, most are too busy blaming someone else to look at themselves.

This is Incredible..I am totally taken aback...We both have one thing in common..I am also not looking for a Man or a relationship but at the same time I wont even deny a Gr8 Soul mate..Can I please Copy and Share with my folks..ONly if u permit me..best regards !!

All true. True wisdom. And I'm guessing it didn't come cheap...

All of them true and sad that others can't follow it....

Wow, I think I have to read this again. It was really deep for me.... thanks again.

WOW....I am speechless.

Yes I agree with everything you said . Thank you for sharing this . I will surely put all this advice in my back pocket to review whenever I need .Again thanks :)

Wow. Very insightful! Makes me feel a bit better about my longing for my soul mate who committed suicide in July. I'm still in a daze and wish I knew all the answers for all the question that are agonizing. Thanks.