Am I Too Unrealistic?

I have a lovely girlfriend of seven months, but she just isnt the one. She is great to me, but it just isn't going anywhere. I mean it's not like I have really high standards set on a girl because that just makes me a douche bag. But when I know there is a girl better fit or me out there then I need to find her.

I know about how there are other fish in the sea, but I want MY ******* FISH! A girl who isnt afraid to get dirty, has a good taste for my kind of music, a  girl who will understand me and actually listen, who can hold her ground even though I will always be there  protect her.  Also someone who doesnt want much even though I'd buy her anything just to show her my love.

I'm not asking for a goddess, but I am asking for the right one.

braindeadteen braindeadteen
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I don't think that makes you a jerk. It's understandable to want someone as compatible as possible to spend your life with. Just be careful; there are some pirahnas out there with the good fish.