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Some Days More Than Others...

I honestly feel that if I was meant to do anything in this world, it would be to be in a relationship with a woman. I have so much to give, and it's honestly frustrating to have nobody to share myself with, to dote on, to love. I want nothing more than to find someone to love and to try and make happy, but there's just no one to be found...

I'm content with being alone, most of the time. I do get lonely once in a while, but that's to be expected. I live a comfortable life, am independent, and am free to do what I want. The only problem is, it doesn't mean anything. Just living for myself, and taking care of my own needs, it feels like a fruitless existence. I wish I had someone to live for, to come home to, to strive and better myself for. Why is it so hard to find someone that likes you for you? That shares your interests? I'm no Darcy, I'm no Cary Grant. I'm not rich, suave, or debonair. I'm just me. I could blame movies, tv, or books for people, including myself, having unrealistic expectations, but I'm sick of excuses. I just wish... I just wish it wasn't so hard.

I want a girlfriend so bad... :(
KeasbeyNights KeasbeyNights 22-25, M Nov 24, 2010

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