An Ep Crush

I screwed up big time. The worst thing is that I kept calling him. He's busy and I knew it...yet I was so enthralled by him...I haven't felt like this ever...I really still like him.

But when you love someone, you have to let go, right?

Now I can't stop thinking about him. This, dom and sub thing is getting out of hand. What's wrong with me? I feel like erasing my EP from sheer embarrasment. Poor guy knows nothing. Yet he is pushy, that's what I like about him...he'd handsome, smart, dominant...andgge actually read my stuff...I feel like he understood me.

I'm a douche!

I should become a lesbian...
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Well although I just found you and your stories here, I have to say that I hope you don't erase your profile or become a lesbian. I erased some of my profile along time ago due to my ex wife and now that I found EP again, I wish that I hadn't. There is something amazing about a Dom sub relationship that can fulfill both persons wants and needs. Although I am not incredibly experienced in this life it is something that I have taken part in and it is something that I crave. Good luck to you and thank you for sharing your true self.

How about just going bi? That could make for some fun stories...

Seriously, don't disappear from EP. You add so much, from stories to experiences, to friendly comments, advice and for many of us, friendship.

And if you care about someone, then follow up with it. You need to be whom you are. And you need to let him know too.

I just want one person in my life. (male) Someone that can be my friend and my lover, confident and kind man. Someone who will make me laugh without making me the butt of the joke. Someone who desires me. (mind and body) Someone that wouldn't listen to others but trusts his own gut.

That's a good set of requirements. And there are guys like that out there and you've got the personality and "pizazz" to attract them as well.

Don't give up. Not every guy is a creepy pervert a$$hole. (OK, I'm a bad example, but you know what I mean... :D )

Thanks... I hope he's a real man (Pinnichio)

Hey, someone like Pinnichio might not be so bad.

1) You always know if he's lying to you

2) Depends on what grows...

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No! it happens on it owns.....and one advice.......
If you love someone, set them free.
If they don’t come back, call them up later when you’re drunk. lol

Awesome answer.

first of all is it fiction or true story???????????????
u r bit complicated miss maria.. on one hand u look so strong and on the other so gimmick, i must honestly say i cant get u and why u say it as ur last story. everybody in EP ve appriciated ur stories n u wanna quit, why? if this is your last story i would honestly and humbly say its not credited for... do not mind but i was being true, the rest is up to u..