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The first ten years of my life were spent in a little town in the middle of pretty much nowhere, in North Dakota.  We had all the freedom in the world, it seemed, in that place & time!  We played outside all day, whatever the season, lots of horseback - riding in summer, & building snow forts in winter.  When any of us kids had a birthday, every other kid in town was invited over for games, gifts, & of course cake & ice cream!  All the adults were good, trustworthy people, well - known to each other & to the kids.  We all felt safe & happy in the warm embrace of our little town.  Then our family moved away on account of Dad's job, and things just kind of went downhill from there. ... My parents have both been gone for some while now, &  of my siblings, my younger sister only last year,  & would give anything now to relive just one of those days back in our hometown, when everything was an adventure, and life was lived only in the glorious present moment!
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Excellent picture into a better world.

Safety and happiness of the past are key freedoms that have been lost to many of today's generation.

I remember as a youngster roller skating on roads and pavements throughout the area where we lived and my parents never worried that I would be abducted by a paedophile! Play opportunities for children took priority over the road use by relatively low motor vehicle use.

As a teenager I could use the underground to travel to central London including Soho. There was no fear of being mugged or attacked for expensive phones or ipods as what we owned was generally the fare and meal money in our pockets :)

Good story. I grew up in a small town in eastern Washington State, similar to N Dakota in a lot of ways. Then my mother got a divorce and a "custody" decision and took us to a big city. Evil feminist agenda, children are pawns in the "support" racket.

My family moved to a "city" also, for my dad's job, it was a "culture shock" that, in some ways, I've wondered if I've ever totally gotten over!

I am back in my home town, but while still nice, it is nothing like it was when I was a child. We moved here in1956 when I was 6. It was a sleepy little beach town with a year round population of 7,000 that gre to aver 55,000 in the summer. Now it has 10,000 year round and 20,000 in the summer.Park, the huge amusement park of my youth was sold and dismantled in 1985. Condos were built where it once stood. Occasionally,I run into an acquaintance from high school but I have little to no contact with my old close friends. I have made new friends and I am enjoying my retirement, though I didnt chose to retire, but got sick and had to. I am enjoying life these days!

Enjoyed your post my friend. I grew up exactly as you explaine except it was in Maryland. If I could turn back time to any point in my life it would be then. Life was simple and people were good. Today's generation with all their fancy gadget's in life will never have a clue to what they missed. My Best.

It would be hard to be a "youngster" these days, I would think. Change used to come slowly & gradually, now we are constantly bombarded with new technology & an overwhelming amount of information.

Here's to Auld Lange Syne, days gone by!