I Wish I Was Little Again

But I want to know what I know now. To savor those moments with my mother, and treat her well, knowing that before I was out of my 20's she'd die. To know my father as well as I could, since I would know he would die when I was 6. To know my roots from my Cherokee side better, to devour every moment at the Gathering of the Nations as I would know my grandma would not see my 11th birthday.

To enjoy living carefree in a more responsible way *grin*. Just to be there with family and friends again.

Faern Faern
36-40, M
4 Responses Dec 1, 2006

I would know that my father was going to die when I was ten. I would know that my mother was going to marry an abusive man and do everything I could to prevent it or deal with it better. I would also confront all those who bullied me in school.

Yes if only we could turn back time I know we would all do things differently and say alot more that has meaning but we each have a path to walk. Each one different to the other and this much I know. We just have to do the best we know how and when we look back with regrets if we could see that at the age we were we really didn't know any better because when we know better we do better. I lost my Mom befor my 21st birthday she was going through change of life I was getting married and wanting to be independent and we were at logger heads most of the time. I regret it and miss her everyday of my life but have to realize it was the stage we both were in. Be kind to ones self and enjoy each day doing our best for others. Have a good day.

(: we all wish we had done things differently, used our time wisely when we were young. been apart of our deceased relatives lifes for a while longer but we were kids and we couldn't have knwn what we know now.

to live carefree as a child does and being with family is a wonderfull thing. You have such a proud heritage.