Other Things Too...

Like many I wish I was younger again. Back in that time there will still issues and inequalities and most were not pretty but it doesn't seem nearly nasty as it is now. There was always room for some kind of compromise and if one could not be found then legislation woulld have take place and not all of that was positive either but somehow we as a people could make an effort to try. I don't see that now a days. There was more respect I believe back then for institutions and officials-then again I think people had more class as well. Politicians were better and yes I know there were some real scumbags but perhaps because of the media and its revolution we are exposed to more of it and it just seems worse. I can remember listening to the Radio and listening to serials on then--surely to me a lot more entertaining than these blathering buffoons that are on now and insisting they are right and the President hasn't a clue. What ever happened to respectful disagreement? and why is ithe radio so full of this? I want something else to listen to. Music is not surely what it used to be, now it is one hit wonders and wheres the singing, the crooning? Rap--Romantic?! Other things:

Cars had real style and you could tell apart each companies brand.
Made here in the U.S.A.
Toys that were durable and playable, not this junk made halfway around the world that is in real dollars more expensive, doesn't last long and really has no play value.
No fight over infrastructure just repair or rebuild for it was for the benifit of us.
A choice in transportation modes, but as soon as the bean counters got in, advised and directed management into more "Prosperous" ways. Eastern Airlines, Pennnsylvania Railroad, Studebaker, Packard..............
Retail stores that you could believe in and products that were not all made in the same far east factory with an american label name sewn in.
Downtowns that were if not vibrant at least busy. No Big Box stores that stay in a spot a few years and then abandonded the building and leaves a mess.
Newspapers--mine is now triweekly and full of ads and little else, sure there is the Net but any management should be able to figure out on how to beef up circulation--it takes some real brain work but the alternate is just downgrading, raising rates, and limiting the venu. Sounds like this is happening in not just the print media only, just look around.
Food safety, when there was No debate on such.

Some things that should have never gone away:
Neighborhood Kiddie lands.
Drive-ins, both movie and food types.
Neighborhood picknicks or at least gatherings where everyone got to really know their neighbors.
Real Toy Stores with real toys.
A sense of Communuity
Family Dinner
Ball games and amusement parks that didn't rape your wallet.
Real Sports Heroes.
A sense of well being and companies that were here to stay.
Well planed towns, not littered with ugly big box buildings.
Christmas lights up on Main Street.
Respect for all and institutions that served the people.
Cars that are exciting and stylish, not 4 wheels loaves of bread or ones the size of a ship.

I guess when you are young you don't realize all the change going on and you are happy with your world. Its a shame to lose that.

paddytram paddytram
56-60, M
May 9, 2012