I Wish I Could Act My Age.

Ive always heard that when those were the best years of my life. I even remember saying that there is know way these are the best years of my life. I had a pretty crappy life gorwing up. Not all of it was but for the most part it sucked. Sence i was 14 ive had to take the blunt of a lot of problems, that when i stop acking like a kid. I pretty much had to act like the man of the house. My stepfather was dignosed with terman cancer. My older brother was going away to college, and even if he would have stayed he was so far into durgs it would have hurt more than helped. I was helping my mom rase my 3 younger brother going to school and working. I dont regert doing what i did because i know they needed me there. But now im in a diffrent setting, i moved to my dads 3 months ago. I still have responsbilty but nothing like i did have at my moms. I axcualy have time to me now, and i dont know what to do with it. I dont know how to act like a kid or even my age. Im 18 everyone thats dosnt know off hand how old i am thinks im im my mid 20s. I hontstly dont know how to stop acting like a garden or a parent you would say. I want to act like most people my age do, maby so i could meet some new people. Not just the same people i always talk to thats at leat 10 years older than i am. I Just want to changei just dont know how to.
takeawildguess takeawildguess
18-21, M
Apr 10, 2007