Time To Get Serious..

Don't you think its funny how being little kids all we wanted to do was grow up? We would look at teenagers and they'd give us advise and we wouldn't listen. We just dreamed about doing so when we got that age.
I remember as a kid i would do anything to make myself look older. Like anything in my power. If an older kid came by me i would try to act cool and older whatever i felt older was back then.
You know being a teenager so far as ****** as it has been was pretty fun. Just now that i'm 15 i'm starting to notice just how much older i am. I think the time it really hit me was when i was trying to get the papers for my permit. I had to run all over the school get all these things signed and wait for other adults to sign them, and find time to study for it.
On top of that, high school went and slaped me in the face. I was a freshmen and through middle school i just skated by and made excuses and you can't do that in highschool. We have four classes a day and they're longgg. So we have just about 8 assignments to do a period. SO much work. I was so use to just not doing it and i started falling behind, fast. Thats when it really hit me i have to start worrying about my future. Its closer then i think it is and i've heared these next for years are going to fly by, and boy don't i believe it.
It just when your younger you have your whole life ahead of you. All these chances and it is so easy to make yourself who you want to be and when you grow up you kind of start to lose that.
JamieBeingStrong JamieBeingStrong
Sep 25, 2012